Electricians in Dubai

Electricians in Dubai

Right Sparks

At Right Screws, we understand the critical role that electrical fittings play in ensuring the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Our certified electricians deliver seamless solutions, from installations and repairs to energy-efficient upgrades. We ensure that your electrical systems are not only reliable but also work alongside modern technology and safety standards.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Electricians

Trust our certified electricians for all electrical needs. We bring expertise, ensuring longevity and efficiency of your systems.

Swift and Effective Repairs

Receive prompt fixes for leaks, clogs, drainage, and plumbing issues, lessening downtime for your daily activities.

Regular Maintenance

We offer maintenance checks, advise preventative measures, avoiding potential plumbing issues for long-term durability.

Client Trust

Our reviews and testimonials do the talking! Our clients depend on us to consistently provide an excellent service.

We’ll Let Our Clients Do The Talking


Our expertise covers a range of services, including lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, circuit panels, and other electrical components. Discuss your specific needs with us for a tailored solution.
We prioritize electrical emergencies, providing a quick response to solve urgent issues. Contact us immediately, and our team will send the resources needed to minimize potential damages.
Absolutely. Our team provides recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades, including LED lighting installations and other modern technologies that work towards saving energy consumption.
Yes, all our installations strictly adhere to safety standards and regulations. The safety of your property and its residents matter to us the most throughout the process.
Certainly. Our Electrical Fittings Services include expertise in smart home solutions and automation. We can suggest modern conveniences that will surely enhance your standard of living.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with end-to-end solutions, in a click!

We’re committed to crafting ideal homes, acknowledging that achieving the perfect residence demands dedicated support. Understanding homeowners’ visions, we’ll provide complete maintenance solutions, ensuring the realization of your dream home.

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